using the online blogging site medium, i publish various articles about forms of design and media, including analyses and explanations of media theories. a selection of my posts have reached a large audience, telling me that my articles are informative and well structured. my desired outcome is that the primary audience reading my articles—students and those in education— find my articles informative, and that they are able to learn and grow within the subject they are researching.
i was scouted by cloud ten group, a design agency based in lymington, to work as a copywriter for their website, and write articles themed around graphic design and digital media. i went on to work as their external photographer and videographer, working with in-house clients tsi security and clearvision lighting. my contribution of articles to their web journal allow their audience to engage and connect with the company, and understand their way of design thinking whilst educating themselves in the areas of graphic design and digital media.
“i would highly recommend els for her creative, marketing and business copywriting. els has been a freelance blog copyrighter for cloud ten for almost a year now. i only wish i could hire els full-time.” —jazzy olive, creative lead, 2017
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