the hosts of ladies, wine & design southampton—branch of a global non-profit initiative founded by designer jessica walshinvited me to run a workshop at their makers market in december 2019, and exhibit my design work to fellow creatives at the event. i featured my self-published cookbook meatless, a variety of home-grown houseplants, flash tattoo illustrations and G.I.Y. kits.
the core idea of my workshop was to educate and encourage people of all ages and backgrounds that they can grow their own produce at home, with or without a garden or balcony. using myself as a prime example—living on the eighth floor of a student accommodation, i still grew a variety of herbs, fruits and vegetables along the windowsills.
i designed and illustrated handouts which attenders of my workshop could take; each handout gave instructions for a fruit or vegetable, it’s benefits, how to grow and maintain it, and what it can be used for. i also used these handouts in my G.I.Y. kitssold at the makers market.
another feature i brought to the makers market was ‘tiny plants,’ a collaborative creation between myself and tracey kenney, founder of copper pot ceramics, in 2017. what started out as leftover scraps of clay and rapidly growing cacti and succulents became a thumb-size artisan potted plant, in high-demand by both of our audiences.
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